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Soldiers & Meir Hospital

Dear Friends Shalom,

At the best of times, Israel needs the support of friends like you. Today, engaged in a brutal war, Israel needs its friends more than ever. In the current conflict, no one is safe and nothing is immune to the constant danger of the Hamas missile onslaught. Unlike in the past, the entire country is now within range of their more lethal, more powerful and more targetted missiles.

Make no mistake - this is an emergency situation, and Israel's hospitals are under particular stress. Not only must they treat numerous wounded soldiers but also civilians who are have been injured. And of course, they must continue to provide ongoing medical services while finding creative ways to ensure the safety of all hospital patients and staff.

Meir Hospital is responding to this crisis with courage, dedication and determination. With sirens frequently going off, signaling yet another incoming missile, the Hospital has acted quickly to improvise, reassure its patients and provide the safest space possible under these extreme circumstances.

Last week, due to the increased danger, Meir Hospital had to evacuate upper floors. Moving these patients to reduce their risk resulted in difficult overcrowding in the rest of the hospital. Physicians and nurses are now working in alternative "improvised" spaces, while redoubling their efforts to prevent these increased pressures from undermining their work with patients. One of the patients who underwent tubal ligation reversal in the U.S before, spoke to the media in this regard.

While Hamas's barrage of missiles underscores the necessity for the planned new and far better protected building for Meir, it is for this current crisis that we are now asking for your heartfelt response. Hospital staff is overworked. Resources are stretched to beyond any reasonable limit. Israel's wounded soldiers need treatment now and will need extensive rehabilitation to facilitate their recovery. Meir needs your help and encouragement so that the Hospital can provide the highest caliber medical services and support to all patients. Israel is hurting. Its people are hurting. Please help Meir Hospital to relieve some of the pain and worry.

In the past, many of you have generously supported Meir Hospital. At this time, when the Hospital needs your help more than ever, we ask you to please consider renewing your support for Meir and the people of Israel.

Thank you for your previous support and for your consideraton of our current request.

We alll pray for better days for Israel. May her soldiers return safely.

We sincerely appreciate your continuing generosity.

Arie Raif
Vice Chairman & CEO
Canadian Friends of Meir Hospital
Dr. Eytan Wirtheim
CEO & Chief of Staff,
Meir Hospital, Israel

Canadian Friends of Meir Medical Center (CFMMC) is a charitable foundation dedicated to supporting and funding the work and needs of the Meir Hospital Israel and in particular, those initiatives for expanding the Children's Hospital and its' pediatric health initiatives.

Meir Gala Invitation - Meir Pledge Card - 2014

Meir Gala and Medal of Merit Awards, April 28, 2013

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Meir Gala 2013
Dr. Doron Netzer, Deputy CEO Meir Hospital Israel , Jane Rounthwaite, DJ Schneeweiss, Consul General of Israel , Anna & Leslie Dan, Meir Medal of Merit recipients , The Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario -Arlene & The Hon. Bob Rae, Meir Medal of Merit recipients - Daliah Raif, National Director Canadian Friends of Meir Medical Center - Gemma & Sam Primucci, Meir Medal of Merit recipients - Toby & Saul Feldberg, Meir Medal of Merit recipients - Arie Raif, Vice Chairman & CEO Canadian Friends of Meir Medical Center.
The Venue Head Table
Toby Feldberg and Mr. Saul Feldberg
The Hon.Bob Rae Former Premier of Ontario and Leader of the National Liberal Party of Canada with wife Arlene Rae
HON. Kathleen Wynne - Premier of Ontario Anna Dan and Mr. Leslie Dan
Dr. Doron Netzer Deputy CEO -Meir Hospital Kfar Saba Israel
Arie Raif Vice Chairman and CEO CANADIAN FRIENDS OF MEIR
Jacob and Mrs. Adi Rapeika from N.Y.
Dr. Doron Netzer
Arie Raif

Gemma Primucci and Mr. Sam Primucci
MP- John Carmichael
Delivers greetings from the Prime Minister the Rt.. Hon Stephen Harper
Consul General of Israel Mr. DJ Shneeweiss Nuryt Gioulus, Daliah and Iris Amit
Mr. and Mrs. Farber Mrs. And Mr. Mordechai Ben Dat
The Feldberg family Dr. Karen and David Mock and friends
Our young and youngest volunteers Mrs. And Mr. Benshimol
Mrs.and Mr.Winokur


Presenting the Meir hospital MEDAL OF MERIT FROM LEFT :
Arie Raif VICE CHAIRMAN CANADIAN FRIENDS OF MEIR , Dr. Eytan Wirtheim CEO MEIR HOSPITAL -ISRAEL Dr. Denis Daneman Paediatrician in Chief at the Hospital for Sick Children introduces our honoree Mary Joe Haddad President and CEO of Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids)
Presenting the Meir hospital MEDAL OF MERIT FROM LEFT :
Arie Raif VICE CHAIRMAN CANADIAN FRIENDS OF MEIR , Bernie Farber MEDAL OF MERIT RECIPIENT , DR. Eric Hoskins MPP Minister of Children and Youth Services AND Dr. Eytan Wirtheim CEO MEIR HOSPITAL -ISRAEL
Presenting the Meir hospital MEDALS OF MERIT FROM LEFT :
Arie Raif VICE CHAIRMAN CANADIAN FRIENDS OF MEIR , Dr. Michael Dan HONOREES’ ,Dr. Amira Dan HONOREE ,the hon. Joe Volpe, 2012 MEIR HOSPITAL campaign Chair ,Dr. Eytan Wirtheim CEO MEIR HOSPITAL -ISRAEL AND Rabbi Howard Morrison ,senior Rabbi BETH EMETH BAIS YEHUDA SYNAGOGUE